Oleh: zoudib | 12 Agustus 2010

dear sister

dear my best loved sister,
at home,
homeland of caring and loves.

Just want to say, firstly, we love you so much, sister,,, that thing in your back must be very hard for you, sorry if i’m not care enough -probably,,, i just dont know what thing is exactly have to do, but you have to be sure, i’ll be here, always be here! for you, watching, catching every your fall step, try to make you always standup, and supporting you in my best,,, if there is somebody loosing their patience, -just maybe- because of you, remember me, that wont be happen to me,,, i have loves, and you’re still one of,,, I have priorities, but you’re still in,,,

best regards n loves n apologizes,
Ur lil bro,,,

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