Oleh: zoudib | 15 April 2011

another BOMB in Indonesia???

Owh my goodness. Today, April 15, 2011, another bomb blast is happening in my home country, Indonesia. It is very shocking since it happens in a mosque during a Jumat pray! I really really don’t have any idea what they are thinking of in doing such awful thing.
I just, can’t understand, what kind of social life they (the bomber) have in their life, what kind of religion they learnt, and dont they have any families: mom, dad, or even wife and children?

Hopefully, it will be the last one in Indonesia, and in any other places around the globe. And I just want to remind us that there is NO heaven, -even only its smell, which actually can be smell out of 40 years travelling far-, waiting for ANY SUICIDE BOMBER with ANY motives [Shahih Bukhari].

Never put any holy term of ‘jihad’, in doing such an awful action!

– Islam, comes with peace, be peace and assalam upon all of us


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